Immigration triumph

The ongoing story of how Trump is winning on immigration is not getting nearly as much attention in the media as you might expect, given how alarming this development must be to the assorted globalists that dominate the establishment. Then again, the media has a Pavlovian tendency to chase whatever shiny object is dangled in front of them — usually a symbolic, fake, or entirely meaningless issue — while ignoring the real and important stories that are unfolding largely behind the scenes.

With that in mind, here’s some excellent news from VDARE about how jobs are being transferred from immigrants to native-born Americans:

Much to the horror of the Dem/Main Stream Media Complex, June’s job data seemed to confirm that a “V-shaped recovery” is underway. And, even more significant from’s standpoint: both the immigrant workforce population (legal and illegal, federal data does not distinguish) and immigrant displacement of American workers continue their remarkable collapse. This is developing into a major, if unreported, Trump triumph—but it must be locked in, at least by prolonging the temporary immigration moratorium he finally enacted June 22.

U.S. payrolls grew by 4.8 million in June, according to the BLS. This was the second straight month of remarkable gains after a loss of 20 million in April, when a large share of the working age population hunkered down in self-quarantine. The unemployment rate in June fell to 11.1%, down from a peak of 14.7% in April. […]

Another way of measuring displacement: the immigrant share of total employment. Our analysis of the June report shows the immigrant share fell to 16.23%, its lowest level since May 2013. In March 2020 immigrants held 17.06% of all jobs.

All other things being equal, each 1% decline in immigrant employment share represents a transfer of about 1.4 million jobs from immigrants to native-born American workers.

The article has some useful data that you won’t easily find elsewhere, so read the whole thing and share it with your Trump-lukewarm friends.