Event: Celebrate Bob Helbock’s victory

You may have missed it, but the North Shore of Staten Island just elected its first Republican Civil Court Judge in almost 30 years, following a nail-biting race between conservative lawyer Bob Helbock and his Democrat opponent Edwina Martin. (More background on the race here.)

The New York Young Republican Club is inviting supporters to celebrate the native Long Islander’s victory this coming Thursday, November 21.  You can buy tickets for the party in Midtown Manhattan here.

Republicans are learning to fight

It’s almost as if Trump is teaching the Republicans to grow a spine:

More than two dozen House Republicans, led by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, delayed a deposition hearing in the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s conduct regarding Ukraine.

Gaetz and the group marched into the secure facility at Capitol Hill, where House Democrats were scheduled to interview Pentagon official Laura Cooper, a witness in the probe. Cooper helps oversee U.S. policy regarding Ukraine at the Defense Department. Lawmakers had expected to ask her about the Trump administration’s decision to withhold military aid from the former Soviet nation.

Cooper’s testimony began Wednesday afternoon following a delay of about five hours, according to an NBC News reporter.

If the Democrats are going to play hardball, congressional Republicans should too. This whole investigation is a sham, like the now-imploded Russigate conspiracy theory, and it’s refreshing to see the House minority acting accordingly.

Moody’s forecasts Trump win

Can you smell the Democrat panic? It smells like victory:

Democrats squared off in a debate on CNN last week, but neither the participants nor the moderators focused much on the economy — much less on Moody’s 2020 Presidential Election Model, a well-regarded forecast which had just been released.

However, the economy is top of mind with voters, and the historically accurate Moody’s report has President Trump winning in almost all scenarios.

The first of Moody’s three models, the Pocketbook model, has Trump winning by a landslide 351 electoral votes to 187 (presuming a traditional Democratic candidate). The Pocketbook model focuses on three major variables: gas prices, home prices and real personal income.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, this is the most important model, primarily due to the long-term nature of its economic variables. Kitchen-table economics are the key to most elections.

McRavin’ loses it

Retired four-star admiral William H. McRaven disgraces himself by writing a New York Times op-ed that attempts to discredit and undermine President Trump by means of bombastic rhetoric and borderline-hysterical appeals to emotion:

As I stood on the parade field at Fort Bragg, one retired four-star general, grabbed my arm, shook me and shouted, “I don’t like the Democrats, but Trump is destroying the Republic!”


But, if we don’t care about our values, if we don’t care about duty and honor, if we don’t help the weak and stand up against oppression and injustice — what will happen to the Kurds, the Iraqis, the Afghans, the Syrians, the Rohingyas, the South Sudanese and the millions of people under the boot of tyranny or left abandoned by their failing states?

What will happen to the Rohingyas? Seriously? I have news for McRavin’ and the rest of the dangerously clueless, out-of-touch national security establishment: Americans don’t give a flying f*ck about the Rohingyas, or most of the other allegedly oppressed groups in his laundry list.

After some more fact-free pontification about Muh Values, McRavin’ concludes with this disturbing utterance:

And if this president doesn’t understand their importance, if this president doesn’t demonstrate the leadership that America needs, both domestically and abroad, then it is time for a new person in the Oval Office — Republican, Democrat or independent — the sooner, the better. The fate of our Republic depends upon it.

Put aside the stunning incoherence of the argument: that somehow the fate of our Republic depends on how we treat the Kurds. What exactly is retired admiral McRavin’ suggesting here? “The sooner the better.” Note that he doesn’t say “Trump should be voted out of office” or “Trump should be impeached.” The ambiguity, one assumes, is deliberate.

We need to make sure these authoritarian clowns never touch the levers of power again.

He’s got some splainin’ to do

This looks pretty bad for Creepy Joe:

There are some serious questions around the Biden family involvement in the Ukraine that the media have not picked up on.

The first regards the ownership of the company which hired Joe Biden’s son Hunter for an exorbitant amount of money while Joe Biden ran the U.S. Ukraine policy.

The second question is about the firing of the Viktor Shokin, the former Prosecutor General of the Ukraine. Trump accuses Joe Biden of having intervened in favor of his son’s sponsor to get Shokin fired. The timeline below supports that assertion.

The above accounts are incorrect. [Former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Victor] Shokin did go after [Mykola Zlochevsky, official owner of gas producer Burisma]. He opened two cases against him in 2015. After he did that Biden and his crew started to lobby for his firing. Shokin was aggressively pursuing the case. He did so just before Biden’s campaign against him went into a frenzy.

On February 2 Shokin confiscated four large houses Zlochevsky owned plus a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a “Knott 924-5014 trainer”. (Anyone know what that is?) Ten days later Biden goes into overdrive to get him fired. Within one week he personally calls Poroshenko three times with only one major aim: to get Shokin fired.

Most interesting. At this point, I wouldn’t blame Trump if he called on Kim Jong-un to help him investigate.

Fact check: TRUE

President Trump asserts the powers and prerogatives of his office:

President Donald Trump said that he has “an absolute right” to investigate corruption and, as part of that duty, ask other countries to help the United States in various probes.

“As the President of the United States, I have an absolute right, perhaps even a duty, to investigate, or have investigated, CORRUPTION, and that would include asking, or suggesting, other Countries to help us out!” Trump said late Oct. 3.

Earlier Wednesday, Trump said China and Ukraine should investigate what former Vice President Joe Biden and Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, who was involved with businesses in both countries, were doing there in the past.

Trump said in another missive on Twitter that his calls for investigations aren’t “about a campaign” but “about corruption on a massive scale!”

“As President I have an obligation to end CORRUPTION, even if that means requesting the help of a foreign country or countries. It is done all the time,” he added on Friday morning.

“This has NOTHING to do with politics or a political campaign against the Bidens. This does have to do with their corruption!”

It occurs to me that Trump likes to provoke his enemies by taking actions that look outrageous but are in fact perfectly legal and even reasonable. This causes the Democrats and the media to overreact horribly, beclowning themselves in the process, while Trump emerges unscathed because he hasn’t actually done anything wrong.

Spin it however you want (“an extraordinary request for help from a foreign power that could benefit him in next year’s election”!!!), but suggesting out loud that China should investigate Biden is not even remotely illegal, unconstitutional, or an abuse of power in any way, shape or form. How does the Left think this would work, anyway? That China will obey Trump’s televised request for dirt on Biden? Chairman Xi Jinping will get on right on it, I’m sure… because he’s the kind of guy who loves to be told what to do, and anyway, we all know how desperate he is for Trump to win reelection so the Great Trade War can continue for another four years.

But, but… norms!

Frankly, I am outraged – outraged! – by the Democrats’ contempt for the “rules-based international order.” After all, the Treaty Between the United States of America and Ukraine on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters, signed by President William J. Clinton in 1998 and ratified by the US Senate in 2000, makes it perfectly clear that US authorities are entitled to ask their counterparts in Ukraine for, well, mutual assistance in criminal matters. Might those matters include, say, investigating potential criminal activity by American citizens in Ukraine? I would have thought so.

Why are the Democrats so intent on tearing up “international norms”?

How does this not permit Mr. Trump asking the president of Ukraine for “assistance” in criminal matters arising out of “collusion with Russia,” as specified within the scope of Robert Mueller’s special prosecutor activities? For instance, the matter of CrowdStrike. The cybersecurity firm was co-founded by Russian ex-pat Dmitri Alperovitch, who also happens to be a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, an anti-Russian think tank funded by Ukrainian billionaire, Viktor Pinchuk, who donated at least $25 million to the Clinton Foundation before the 2016 election. Crowdstrike was the company that “examined” the supposedly hacked DNC servers, while somebody in the Obama administration prevented the FBI from ever seeing them. Does this sound a little like part of the origin story of RussiaGate? Is that not exactly the potential criminal matter that the current attorney general, Mr. Barr, is officially investigating?

Perhaps, under the year 2000 treaty, Mr. Trump was within his rights to ask the new President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, for assistance on that. And also, the question of former vice-president Joe Biden’s levering US aid to Ukraine in his demand to fire the prosecutor investigating the company, Burisma Holdings, that just happened to hire his son, Hunter, to a $64,000-a-month seat on the board of directors, not long after the younger Mr. Biden was kicked out of the US Navy reserve for cocaine use — what a sterling fellow!

I suppose the Biden family is above the law because Joe Biden happens to be the Democratic front-runner. Funny, that novel legal principal didn’t stop the Deep State from investigating Trump’s campaign in 2016.

The Deep State strikes back

The CIA should have learned its lesson from the #MeToo era: presidential harassment is NOT OK!

From Michael Goodwin in the New York Post:

When it comes to brickbats, Trump is perhaps the most battle-tested occupant the Oval Office has ever known, yet the two incidents demonstrate that the war against him has entered a vicious new phase. Efforts to end his presidency, one way or another, have reached a fever pitch, and Trump would be foolish to assume they will fail. His margin for error is approximately zero.

Indeed, Trump could be accused of understatement in describing anyone who participated with the so-called whistleblower as “almost a spy.”

There is nothing “almost” about it. The trained CIA officer used his trusted position in the White House to gather secret information from what he claims were “multiple US government officials.”

He retained Democratically connected lawyers and injected his allegations into the political bloodstream with one intent: to get Trump ­removed from office.

No means no, guys. In the meantime, the media is palpably desperate to sweep the real scandal under the rug. From Peter Schweizer:

1. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, joined the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma in April 2014, according to RSB bank records. Hunter Biden had little background in energy. Over a 16-month period, Burisma paid $3.1 million to a bank account associated with Hunter’s business.

2. Joe Biden led the Obama administration’s policy toward Ukraine when he served as vice president. Biden helped shape Ukraine’s energy and anti-corruption policies, issues that directly impact Burisma.

7. In 2013, then-Vice President Biden and his son Hunter flew aboard Air Force Two to China. Ten days later, Hunter Biden’s firm scored a $1.5 billion deal with a subsidiary of the Chinese government’s Bank of China.

Nope, not shady at all.