Are you a deplorable New Yorker?

You are not alone.

In New York City, 494,549 people voted for Trump in 2016.

Sure, that’s only 18% of the vote. But think about it this way. If Trump-voting New Yorkers could break away and form their own city, it would be the 38th largest metropolis in the US… bigger than Kansas City and almost as big as Atlanta and Sacramento.

Gotham is one of the bluest cities in the Union, but make no mistake. The greatest city in the world is also the best place to be if you’re looking to Keep America Great.

Not only are we the financial epicenter of the country, we’re also a hub for culture, media and politics. Trump launched his 2016 campaign here and his 2020 reelection campaign is headquartered in Trump Tower.

What happens in New York has ripples around the world, and we relish being at the center of it. The contempt of our liberal Manhattan neighbors is our badge of pride.

We support our president 100%, and we want him to be reelected… maybe more than once. (Kidding! Or are we?)

DeplorablesNYC is an independent platform to bring together Gotham’s Trump supporters for a single goal: get this man another 4 years in office.

We are not affiliated with the Trump campaign in any way. To find out more about that, visit the official campaign website here.

Otherwise, check out our Events page to see what’s happening in Trumpland. Hope to meet you soon.