Republicans are learning to fight

It’s almost as if Trump is teaching the Republicans to grow a spine:

More than two dozen House Republicans, led by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, delayed a deposition hearing in the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s conduct regarding Ukraine.

Gaetz and the group marched into the secure facility at Capitol Hill, where House Democrats were scheduled to interview Pentagon official Laura Cooper, a witness in the probe. Cooper helps oversee U.S. policy regarding Ukraine at the Defense Department. Lawmakers had expected to ask her about the Trump administration’s decision to withhold military aid from the former Soviet nation.

Cooper’s testimony began Wednesday afternoon following a delay of about five hours, according to an NBC News reporter.

If the Democrats are going to play hardball, congressional Republicans should too. This whole investigation is a sham, like the now-imploded Russigate conspiracy theory, and it’s refreshing to see the House minority acting accordingly.

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